Mobile Development

Impact Regardless of Size

Your impact shouldn’t shrink when screen size does. I bring professional experience developing mobile apps that engage. As mobile devices and tablets proliferate, your mobile app becomes more crucial, and your ideas more powerful. Look at mobile trends and you’ll understand why mobile is becoming center stage for digital strategy.

Designing than Coding

I believe paper is cheaper than code in the long run, and doing iterations in the design will save time for the development. I can design the main screens or do a comprehensive UI screen-by-screen before writing the first line of code, so you know the interface will be clean. This allows me to get client, stakeholder, and user feedback faster. I don’t recommend it any other way.

Already have an app? I can conduct a UI and design review for breakthrough and incremental improvements, then code as needed.

iOS, Android, Kindle, and Firefox OS

Need to cover iPhone, Android, Kindle or Firefox OS? No problem. I am skilled on a variety of platforms, languages, and environments, and have experience designing and developing for all four platforms.

Full-spectrum Deployment

I deliver mobile solutions from social and fun applications to data rich enterprise applications drawing on my extensive understanding of the business environment. I can integrate your app with an existing API or build an API for you so that you can deliver a solution via mobile, web, and desktop if needed. I’m ready to help you start and ready to help you grow across all media.

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