Rapid Development

Getting it Out the Gate

I provide a rapid development process to make sure you see results as soon as possible. I will quickly outline your needs, constraints and how you want them solved. It’s not about doing it the “proper” way it’s about doing it the fastest way.

Starting is Half the Battle

You need to see my designs in action to truly know what is involved. I will quickly create mock ups and working prototypes so that you can see that it both looks good and functions as it’s supposed to. By melding the design and the development, time is saved and feasibility ensured. I can make changes to the design and functionality on the fly as ideas occur and problems arise. You’re not locked into a pattern your brand no longer uses.

Prototypes = Final Product

I maintain my code and design principles so that any prototypes I create can seamlessly transition to a full app or website ensuring tested results. Your company won’t find anything unexpected in the code or the design as you will have access and input at every stage of the development.

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